Gender Equality

In the context of the compliance of the Interactive Arts Laboratory with the guidelines of the  European Horizon Europe Program, the laboratory undertakes the development and design of the Action Plan for Gender Equality (SDE). Regarding the laboratory and its members, in addition to full acceptance and compliance with the Code of Ethics and Good Practice, they also undertake the development and designing of this Action Plan for Gender Equality, which: 
a) Is based on the (international and national) institutional framework related to gender equality, 
b) is based on the available gender analysis at the Interactive Arts Laboratory,
c) formulates the basic principles of the actions to be implemented during the years 2022-2027  at the Interactive Arts Laboratory. 

The reports on the gender distribution of the Interactive Arts Laboratory staff were substantiated  with the cooperation of the members of the laboratory (faculty members, scientific collaborators,  and PhD Candidates) while relevant information material was extracted from the website of the  Interactive Arts Laboratory. In addition, the members of the laboratory who are engaged in teaching  activities (a total of 13 people) were asked to complete a questionnaire for actions and activities  related to gender issues. The participation rate in the questionnaire was 100% which allows us to draw safe conclusions on the questions posed.

It is pointed out that the data reporting date is the current year (March 2022).

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