Eloul Ioustini

Eloul Ioustini

Member of the Node for Hybrid Arts

PhD Student, Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University.

Academic experience

- 2018: Member of the communication team of the 3rd international interdisciplinary conference "Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science", Ionian University

- 2018: Member of the organizing committee of the 2nd Summer School in Hybrid Art in Corfu, Ionian University

- 2017-present: Member of the Art & Science Research Group of the Interactive Arts Lab (, Ionian University

- 2017: Presentation of seminar under the title "A Theoretical and Practical Approach to Compositing Techniques in Digital Video Production", Ionian University

- 2017: Member of the organizing committee of the digital exhibition "Restrospective in Megaron" that took place in the Athens Concert Hall within the framework of the 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Ionian University

- 2016: Member of the communication team of the 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Ionian University

- 2011: Participation in the project «Digitization of Archival Audio from Analogue Magnetic Tape» of the Lab for Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications (ERHMEE), Ionian University


Creative Projects

- 2018: Participation with video art "I is Another" and "Face & Masks" in the festival New Media Art and Creativity in Education, Crete – Greece

- 2017: Participation with video art and electroacoustic music in the digital exhibition Retrospective in Megaron, Athens – Greece

- 2014: Participation with electroacoustic music "Face and Masks" and "Soundscape" in the Concert Exchange with Corfu, Musiques & Recherches, Brussels – Belgium

- 2014: Participating with video art "The Fiery Furnace" in the Video Art Festival Miden,  Kalamata – Greece

- 2013: Participation with electronic music "No. 3" in the Marathon of Electroacoustic Music, Corfu – Greece

- 2012: Participation with video art "Loulou" and "Mysterion" in the 25th Instants Vidéo Festival, Marseille – France

- 2011: Participating with comics in the 2nd BeThere Festival! Corfu Animation Festival, Corfu – Greece


Other Creative Projects

- 2018: Interview in the online magazine Women Cinemakers, Biennale 2018, vol. 11

- 2015: Creation of audiovisual spots for INTRA project (Introducing Innovations in Traditional Agro-Food Products)

- 2014: Creation of logo for the Ionian University Library and Information Center

- 2011: Participation in the international documentary workshop of StoryDoc

PhD research topic

In my doctoral research entitled "Double Spatiality in Art: Video Art and Electroacoustic Music, enchasing the viewer’s spatial perception through visual and audio interaction", I examine the field of Art Installation in the 20th and 21st century through the scope of Neuroscience, focusing on the issue of how the integration of technological element in contemporary art effects the spatial perception related to embodied cognition. The corporeal body, as a sensory information receiver, plays the mediator role between the internal and external world by transferring physical energy to a mental level. Could technology boost this mediator role of body by “hacking” its sensory receptors as a challenge to enhance our spatial abilities? And how do artists deal with this new challenge of re-embodiment as a new means of artistic expression? Through my research, I propose alternative ways of exhibit audiovisual art aiming to boost spatial abilities via a parallel visual and sound diffusion in space.