Kokkalis Nikos

Kokkalis Nikos

Doctor and Special Scientific Personnel, Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University.

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2013, Ten new sketches for the "Corfiot stories" by K. Theotokis. Series of events: "K. Theotokis and the experience". Corfu Studies Society, Corfu.

2008, I WANT, Nikos Kokkalis - Marilena Koskina. Catalog presentation, Publisher FUTURA,

Corfu Reading Society.

2008, Lysistrata - A theatrical approach, Active Citizenship, Soderort"s Adult Education Centre, Sweden.

2008, Lysistrata - A theatrical approach. REVIEW Conference Second Chance School of Corfu.

2008, The woman in the advertisement. Intervention programs on equality gender, REVIEW Conference Second Chance Schools D’ Phase, Athens.

2006, Paper constructions, Art Workshop in Naoussa.

2006, Paper constructions – Portraits, Art Teachers Association, Thessaloniki & School of Fine Arts Athens.


2013, "Porfyras" - Quarterly magazine. Volume O", Work cover and inner pages: Nikos Kokkalis, Corfu, October-December.

2013, Corfu Studies Society chronicles XXIV, Corfu.

2013, "Eleftheria’s Time" Katina Vlachos, Watercolors: Nikos Kokkalis Publications: Lorandou.

2011, "Corfu- from which carves as where vytha" Alkinoos Publications, Athens.

2009, "Kerkyraika, volume I" Dionysios Solomos, p. 266.Ekdoseis Alkinoos, Athens.

2008, "I WANT" Nikos Kokkalis- Marilena Koskina. Publications FUTURA.

2007, "+ GNOMI" Nikos Kokkalis- Marilena Koskina. Publications FUTURA

2007, Newspaper "Eleftherotypia" Eugene Aranitsis Library Issue 399 -400.

1996, "On the island of Nausicaa” Makis Lahanas, Publications Plous.

1994, "Sparmos" Bimonthly Art Notebook. Issue 57, December–January 1995.

1989, "Art station + other" Issue 3, Thessaloniki.

1984, "Porfyras" - Literature-Arts Journal, Corfu.


Creative Projects:

1. Filmography

2. Individual Exhibitions

2009, "Secret Gardens" - Municipal Gallery of Corfu, Museum of Asian Art, Ionian

Parliament, Corfu.

2003, "3 Installations 1992-2002”- Municipal Gallery of Corfu.

1999, "Little Night Story" - Municipal Gallery of Corfu.


1996, " George-Emmanuel’s toys» -GALLERY 7, Athens.

1995, "Indoor Nature" - ANTONIA HAVANI CONTEMPORARY ART, Corfu.

1993, "Stories" - French Institute, Corfu.

3. Thematic Exhibitions

4.Group Exhibitions

2014, "I painted my future" - From the State Scholarships Foundation art collection.

Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament, Athens.

2011, "50 minus 1" Gallery, Limassol Cyprus.

2010, ARTmART Künstlerhaus Vienna.

2010, "Eyes wide open- Trap" Container, Thessaloniki.

2010, Container- inauguration Group exhibition, Thessaloniki.

2009, "The eternal return", Turbulent Times, The Art Foundation, Athens.

2008, ARTmART Künstlerhaus Vienna.

2007, ARTmART Künstlerhaus Vienna.

2005, "Black box-White cube" CHEAP ART, Athens.

2003, "Water and Salt" - Municipal Gallery of Corfu, Corfu.

2002, "I"m cold" - Acqua e sale, Initinere- Salento, Italy.

1997, ART ATHINA 5, Athens.

1995, "Wipe your feet" - ANTONIA HAVANI CONTEMPORARY ART, Corfu.


1991, Young European Artists-BP GALLERY, Brussels.

1990, Thessaloniki School of Fine Arts- Helexpo, Thessaloniki.

5. Other Creative Project


In 2006 with Marilena Koskina he creates OKKO group, aiming to raise public awareness through art:

2007, "I WANT", 4th Biennale, Tashkent.

2007, 9th INTERNATIONAL Panorama of Independent Film and Video. International Film Festival of Patras.

2007, "I WANT", Public Screen Biennale: 1, Thessaloniki.

2007, "I WANT", Marilena Koskina, Nikos Kokkalis –Mental Hospital, Corfu.

2006, "+ GNOMI ", Nikos Kokkalis, Marilena Koskina- Municipal Gallery of Corfu, Corfu.


Since 2012 he collaborates with the band NQR ENSEMBLE of Dimitra Trypani:

2013, "The Fairy"s Revenge" - Three Greek tales for narrator an orchestra. Orchestra Camerata, Onassis Foundation, Athens.

2012, "Moving", Kunsthalle Athena, Athens.


2014, Municipal Theater of Corfu, B. Brecht: "Mother Courage and her children”.

2012-14, Municipal Theater of Corfu, "Maypole", Carnival Masks.

2008, Municipal Theater of Corfu, Euripides "Bacchae".

2007, Municipal Theater of Corfu, Aeschylus "Seven against Thebes".

2007, Ionian Act, "Ecolapsis".

2007, Municipal Theater of Corfu, D. Solomou: "Woman from Zakynthos".

2002, "Feakes" Drama workshop - Aristofani "Ecclesiazusae".

2000, Municipal Theater of Corfu – E. Triviza: "The snowman and the girl".

2000, "Feakes" Drama workshop V. Kornarou: "The sacrifice of Abraham".

1999, "Feakes" Drama -Bost "Medea".

1998, "Feakes" Drama workshop - D.Solomou: "The Woman from Zakynthos".

1998, "Feakes" Drama workshop - K.Theotokis' Stories

1998, "Feakes" Drama workshop - Ionesko: "The bald singer"

1997, "Feakes" Drama workshop – S. Peresiadi: "Golfo".

1996, "Feakes" Drama workshop - Arkas: Show business".

1996, Theatre Stands: "Three-act plays” Brecht - Miller- Lahanas.

1996, "Feakes" Drama workshop -G. Manioti: "The game".

1993, Corfiot Scene- E. Trivizas "Scarecrow's Dream".


PhD research topic:

Light and Installations - The Use of a Minimum Natural Light Source in Interactive Video-Installations

This PhD research focuses on the investigation of the function of a minimum natural light source – which is specified as the light of a candle - and the role and potential of light sources in the field of Art, which relates to interactive video-installations. Each chapter of the thesis is accompanied by its corresponding installation.

The particular research (a) refers to the metamorphoses of the minimum natural light source, as well as the meanings and symbolisms, which it has acquired through centuries. Additionally, (b) it aims to bring out those properties, which give to light a prominent role in Art and especially in the field of new media and its applications. Finally, (c) it examines the dynamics of the minimum light source - if something like this indeed exists – as well as light as an independent and sovereign entity in the work.

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