Logaki Ioanna

Logaki Ioanna

Member of the Node for Hybrid Arts.
Graduate, Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University.

MA in Audio & Visual Arts by the Ionian University, Ioanna Logaki is a junior researcher in design communication. She is professional graphic designer, specialised in visual conceptualization for institutional design identity as well as commercial and academic publications. Among other works she is the designer of InArts logo identity and responsible for the branding guidelines of the conference series Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art and Science.

Graduate thesis title: "Creative communication design of a research laboratory. The case of InArts"

Supervisor: Dalila Honorato

In the frame of the communication design with the aim of promoting the research laboratory In.Arts, a study of the target group, the communication needs and the particularities of the institution was carried out. The conclusions of the research led to the creation of the visual corporate identity, which characterizes the nature, the work, the research and the purpose of the laboratory. The design of the visual corporate identity is based on the logo which was created in accordance with the principles of visual communication and graphic design standards. Based on these principles, additional applications were proposed that meet the communication needs of the laboratory, as defined in this work.