Node for Film Praxis

Node for Film Praxis is a research creation, film and media practice based PhD and PostDoc research node within the InArts Lab. Node for Film Praxis object is the transdisciplinary use of applied theory and media practice as collaborative methodologies. Node for Film Praxis aim is to guide, train and support researchers of film and media practice and applied film theory associating multidisciplinary approaches of film directing, screenwriting and film producing with research fields based on humanities and social sciences. The node is particularly focused on the application of ethnomediaology practice based research ethnography and autoethnography.

Node for Film Praxis members are actively involved in research and creative sector grants in various EU projects. Currently, Node for Film Praxis is developing, with StoryLab Network, a new online peer review, open access journal dedicated to film and media practice to be launched in 2024.

Scientific Coordination: Dr. Iakovos Panagopoulos
Honorary Member: Emeritus Professor Erik Knudsen


Publications by Node for Film Praxis’ members:

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