Government Gazette - Establishment of Laboratory - June 2015
Content in Greek - Update: 09/03/2016 - (.pdf - 343K)

Director: Dalila Honorato, Associate Professor

The Lab is accommodated in the premises of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts and supports the department’s doctoral and post-doctoral research. The research activity is central to the lab’s design of actions and directions in research, as well as in developmental level.

In this context, the cooperation with post-doctoral researchers from Greece and abroad is widely encouraged by dynamically allocating the existing research and teaching teams. The originality of the doctoral studies on the broad subject of the wider artistic creation, works positively on its conversion to a pole of attraction for scientists and artist who wish to base their research on interactive media and audiovisual arts in a natural environment rich in cultural stimuli.

Also, essential to the operation of the Lab, are the collaborations with researchers and Labs of other departments of the Ionian University as well as other institutions in Greece or abroad, with private or public entities, with municipalities or regional units in Greece, with artists, researchers and with everyone who promotes the operations of the Lab and complies with its aims and objectives.

The Interactive Arts Lab has as its objective the audio and visual expression in the wider field of art and mass communication, as it is described in the establishing law of the department of Audio & Visual Arts (L. 3255/22-07-2004). The initiative for the foundation of the Laboratory has been set by the following members of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University: Marianna Strapatsaki, Konstantinos Tiligadis, Dalila Honorato, Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, Giannis Deligiannis and Tania Tsiridou.

The general aims of the Lab include:

  1. The coverage of the educational and research requirements of the undergraduate and postgraduate program of the Department of AVarts.
  2. The contribution to the exposure and support of the activities of the department and the Ionian University in general.
  3. The collaboration in all forms with prestigious researching centres, cultural and academic institutions in Greece or abroad.
  4. The organisation of artistic or scientific events and the production of scientific or/and artistic publications and events with the participation of Greek or foreign artists or/and scientists.
  5. the provision of services as provided in P.D. 159/27-04-1984 (A΄53) “Conditions of service for university laboratories in private and every form of legal organisation”.

Given the particular nature of the laboratory, the specific aims include:

  • The production of knowledge about the development of aesthetics and the methodology of art and communication for education and culture.
  • The design and creation of evolved forms of artworks and communication systems.