Dr. Dalila Honorato member of the Interactive Arts Laboratory at the exhibition Collision in Portugal [December 14th, 2017-13 January 2018]

13-12-2017 14:30

Dalila Honorato, member of the Interactive Arts Laboratory, participates in the exhibition Collision from December 14th, 2017 to January 13th, 2018. The exhibition is organized by Cultivamos Cultura, a platform for experimentation in the theory and practice of contemporary art and its intersection with science and technology, directed by Marta de Menezes and based in Portugal. The exhibition Collision is for Cultivamos Cultura one of the most important events of the year. It is the moment to bring together the results of the artistic residences that were happening during the spring and summer in this institution, and also the moment to publicly present these works together with selected pieces from other collections in the area in the new media. The exhibition is an occasion to contextualize the work developed, to show it to the local community (in Odemira), and also internationally.

Participating artists:
Amy Youngs (US)
Andrew Carnie (UK)
Anna Isaak-Ross (US)
Alan Tod (PT)
Dalila Honorato (PT)
Dave Robinson (US)
Gail Hocking (NZ)
James Higgins (US)
Ken Rinaldo (US)
Maja Smrekar(SL)
Maria Francisca Abreu Afonso (PT)

Cultivamos Cultura
Rua de Odemira, 15
São Luis, Beja, Portugal