ebook conference proceedings Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science 2017

18-09-2018 11:44

The ebook with the proceedings of the interdisciplinary conference Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science 2017 was published by the Ionian University - Department of Audio & Visual Arts in September 2018. This digital publication includes 38 contributions, in Greek and English, of writers from 14 different countries, accepted by the scientific and artistic committee. 

Edited by Dalila Honorato and Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, this is the second and main core of the presentations of TTT2017. The conference proceedings for TTT2017 were published in two forms. The first part of the proceedings were published on the special issue vol. 15:2 of the Technoetic Arts journal, by Intellect Publications, including only texts from TTT2017, following the invitation of Roy Ascott (editor-in-chief) to Dalila Honorato (guest-editor).

The interdisciplinary conference "Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science 2017", organized in Corfu, on the 26-28 May 2017, by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University in the framework of the 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival. The conference focus: a) on questions about the nature of the forbidden and about the aesthetics of liminality - as expressed in art that uses or is inspired by technology and science, b) in the opening of spaces for creative transformation in the merging of science and art.

This year the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University (Greece) joins forces with the Research and Creation Group Arte+Ciencia, UNAM (Mexico), Arte Institute (USA) and Cultivamos Cultura (Portugal) to organize the third international interdisciplinary conference "Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science" will take place in 11-13 November 2018 in Mexico City. Hosted by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and the Centro de Cultura Digital, the organization of TTT2018 is coordinated in partnership with the program of the FACTT 2018 - Festival Art & Science Trans-disciplinary and Trans-national. 

Editors: Dalila Honorato and Andreas Giannakoulopoulos
Pagination: Ioanna Logaki
Cover: Ioanna Logaki and Dimitris Politis
ISBN: 978-960-7260-60-4

Authors: Georgios Pavlis, Marily Argyrokastriti, Nikos Moschopoulos, Sofia Tsepenaka, Aikaterini Gialopsou, Despoina Poulou, Iakovos Panagopoulos, Penny Papageorgopoulou, Dimitris Charitos, Iouliani Theona, Charalampos Rizopoulos, Ioannis Bardakos, Alain Lioret, Philippos Theocharidis, Andreas Mniestris, Daniel Perez-Grande, David Morante, Miguel Oliveros, Celia Talamante, Giorgos Nikopoulos, Dalila Honorato, Marianne Strapatsakis, Brian Reffin Smith, Polona Tratnik, Eleni Gemtou, Erik Zepka, Theodore Kabouridis, Karolina Żyniewicz, Yiannis Melanitis, Boryana Rossa, Adam Zaretsky, Roberta Buiani, Katerina Karoussos, Lila Moore, Regina Duerig, Nikos Mamalos, Mariana Ziku, John Thrasher, Sotirios Fotiou, Antonia Plerou, Panagiotis Vlamos, André Sier, Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, Laida Limniati Yorgos Drosos, Giulia Belloni, Kostoula Kaloudi, Konstantinos Tiligadis , Francesco Kiais, Maria Athanasekou, Andrew Carnie, Kira O' Reilly, Manuel Vason, Joseph Nechvatal & Marne Lucas.

Ebook available in the following link: https://avarts.ionio.gr/ttt/2017/en/proceedings/

TTT conference website: https://avarts.ionio.gr/ttt