Participation of Assistant Professor Dalila Honorato at the exhibition Trans(form)ar

19-12-2019 11:47

Assistant Professor of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University and founding member of InArts Lab Dalila Honorato participates in the exhibition "Trans(form)ar" gathering the works of the year of 2019’s activities at Cultivamos Cultura in Portugal.

This exhibition gathers a set of international and national artists with recognized merit in several visual arts disciplines and performance.

Last July Dr. Dalila Honorato did her residency at Cultivamos Cultura where she also collaborated as summer school guest faculty.

The exhibition takes place at the  BIBLIOTECA MUNICIPAL ODEMIRA.

Opening days: December 18th 2019 until January 19th, 2020.

Artists: Adam Zaretzky, Alex Warmouth, Ânia Pais, Anna Issak-Roos, Byron Rich, Carla Rebelo, Crystal Kershaw, Dalila Honorato, Diana Aires, Ellen Wetmore, Gato Aleatório, Hege Tapio, Henry Wang, Irina Peleckiene, Jeff Warmouth, Mark Lipton, Marta de Menezes, Molly Ashley, Narae Jin, Rita Wang, Suzanne Ankler and Tiago Costa