Participation of Assistant Professor Dalila Honorato at the exhibition Com(posto)

07-02-2020 11:39

Assistant Professor of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University and founding member of InArts Lab Dalila Honorato participates in the exhibition "Com(posto)" gathering the works of the year of 2019’s activities at Cultivamos Cultura in Portugal. This exhibition gathers a set of international and national artists with recognized merit in several visual arts disciplines and performance. Last July Dr. Dalila Honorato did her residency at Cultivamos Cultura where she also collaborated as summer school guest faculty.

The exhibition takes place 6th – 26th February 2020 at the  Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery of the University of Lisbon.

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. It is a process of recycling various organic materials, also considered waste and produces a soil conditioner (compost).

This year’s exhibition in the Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery of the University of Lisbon has a dual title as the word compost has a complexity of meanings that are relevant to the cohesiveness of the show as a whole, but also as a composite of artworks that have profound meaning by themselves. Com(post) implies a process of transformation, and this year Cultivamos Cultura is reflecting very much about transformation. The unavoidability of changes is a constant awareness we have throughout our lives, through the times that we live now. Compost and composite, composition, Com(posto) [translated here as possibly: with parts, made of parts, with and put] is an exhibition about cycles, about transformation and becoming something else, something that will encourage growth new beginnings, better beginnings. As we become aware of the need to change in our world, in our planet in our lives it feels necessary to remember that life is a dynamic process. That life is a consistent process of transformation and adaptation, that we must think of it as a somewhat process of composting. Art, more than any other human endeavour can show and be itself a reflection of this cycle as life and therefore the best way to remember the process of being something different, something else, something more, or something less, composing what we will need for a potential future. This year’s exhibition is com(posed) of a small series of works from different artists that makes rethink what we can become. 

Summer School by: Diana Aires, Tiago Costa, Ânia Pais, Molly Ashley, Henry Wang, Rita Wand, Narae Jin, Jeff Warmouth, Ellen Wetmore, Alex Warmouth, Mark Lipton, Dalila Honorato, Hege Tapio, Eira Tapio, Adam Zaretsky and Marta de Menezes
Abrigo by: Diana Aires, Tiago Costa, Ânia Pais
Vessel by: Crystal Kershaw)
Short movies by Movimento – “While the Tea Goes Cold” (Clara Chastin, Daniele Grosso, Delfina Lavalle, Ernst Dauenh, Flavia Regaldo, Marie Merckle, Marta Têpê, Matthew Michel, Teresa Sardinha); “Estranha Estufa” (Mário J. Negrão, Luisa Ghini, Rui Monteiro); “Jangada” (Bruno Caracol; Marie Merklé; Flávia Regaldo; Clara Chastin; Catarina Simões); “Paixão Póstuma” (Inês T. Alves; Pavel Tavares; Filipe Carvalho; Felicitas Sonvilla); “Ramerrame” (Inês T. Alves / With: Flávia Regaldo; Matthew Michel; Isabella Permanschlager; Pavel Tavares; Margarida Albino); “Dancefight” (Isabella Permanschlager); “IF” (Margarida Albino)
Black Gold by: Hege Tapio, Mark Lipton and Marta de Menezes
Regresso by: Ânia Pais
Eira Beira by: Dalila Honorato
Vessel *1 by: Jeff Warmouth
Haute Flash by: Marne Lucas


Video of the exhibition