Assoc Prof Dalila Honorato takes part in the conference ISEA 2022 in Barcelona

20-06-2022 22:32

Mrs. Dalila Honorato, Associate Professor of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, participated as a speaker in the conference ISEA 2022 “Possibles” in Barcelona, Spain. The conference took place 10-16 June 2022 and was organized within the framework of a pn international program of cultural events.

Along with mrs. Honorato, whose presentation with mrs. Claudia Westermann, mrs. Claudia Jacques, mr. John Bardakos and mr. Yong Hu was entitled "Technoetic Arts: A Journey of Speculative Research", the speakers taking part weremrs. Diana Ayton-Shenker "Leonardo activates creativity to push the boundaries of today and unleash the possibilities of tomorrow", mrs. Hira Roberts, mrs. Tracey Moore and mr. Tim Mclaughlin "A Path To Constructing A Diverse Future In Digital Media Arts", and mr. Chris Geiger, mrs. Charlotte Triebus and mrs. Ivana Druzetic-Vogel "Mixed Reality and Visualization – Designing Multisensual Experiences Using the Whole Body".