Article “Taboo in world cinema: Female protagonists in incestuous relationships” by S. Klimatsaki and D. Honorato published in Technoetic Arts

05-02-2024 12:42

InArts Lab - Department of Audio & Visual Arts members’ Styliani-Anna Klimatsaki, PhD Candidate, and Dalila Honorato, Associate Professor, participate with the article "Taboo in world cinema: Female protagonists in incestuous relationships” in Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research 21:2, by the independent academic publishing house Intellect.

The article was published in the special issue entitled "Women in Art and Science", with guest-editors Dr. Dalila Honorato and Dr. Claudia Westermann, following the international conference “FEMeeting Women in Arts, Science and Technology” held in Lisbon and Évora, Portugal, in September 2022. The issue includes articles which explore not only the presence of women in art and science, but also focus on strategies of collaboration and research methodologies that aim to exchange knowledge and strengthen women's visibility in the wider visual arts sector as well as in scientific and technological development.

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