Creation & Production

The Interactive Arts Lab includes a further activity, the so-called “Content Management and Production Services”, which interacts with the lab’s research and teaching work and is considered highly valuable.

Ιndicative actions include:

  • Organising cultural events with audiovisual or/and interactive orientation
  • Participation with audiovisual and interactive works in specially modified projection places such as festivals and galleries, conventional or alternative spaces, public or private places and interior or exterior projection spaces.
  • Organising educational activities that are adjusted to educators of the primary and secondary education, who wish to upgrade their knowledge on the field of audiovisual arts and interactive media.
  • The carrying out, actualisation and participation in projects of employed artists with a view to an exchange of ideas and to the endorsement of intercultural experiences that can only be achieved through artistic mobility.
  • Relations and communication support to the Department of Audio & Visual Arts and the Ionian University in general.
  • Online promotion of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts. Noted that all projects included in the broader sector of web application development and especially the development and management of the department’s website is under the responsibility of the supervisor of website management (Lecturer, Andreas Giannakopoulos) and are included at the framework of activities of the lab.
  • Design and creation of communication exposure of the affiliated bodies, with an emphasis on tourism and culture.
  • Creation, production and distribution of audiovisual and interactive material.