Drosos Yorgos

Drosos Yorgos

PhD Student, Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University.


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Creative Projects:

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5. Other Creative Work:

One published novel: “Elliniki Asphyxia”, under the pen name Elias Nisaris

To Orfano Aristourgima (a novella, under publication)

Supervisor of the Mesopotamia Film Society in Moschato, Athens


Ph.D. research topic:

Aspects of The Monstrous in 21st century Audiovisual Fiction

My research focuses on films and television and web series from 2001 to 2015 that specialize in the zombie genre. Apart from a semiotic analysis of the material, my work will draw on bibliography that pertains to philosophy and anthropology, on fieldwork (in film screenings) and interviews with people that watch horror films and series and on an overview of the news stories from the period in hand. The research sets out to detect the possible causes for the shift of interest towards the zombie genre and, at the same time, the changes in our perception of zombies and by extension, the grotesque in audiovisual fiction through the decades (from 1932 to the present day, when, apart from film, there are also TV and web series). How can the depiction of the monstrous be used as a projection or a symbolism of what we perceive as the repulsive Other? How does the mpnstrous itself change? How do the criteria by which something is defined as a monster? How do the conditions under which something transforms into a monster and how are these changes described in screenplays along the years? Are these conditions always associated to human activity or do they at times pertain to the supernatural or metaphysical? And, finally, how does the stance of "simple people" towards people and situations that they rightly or wrongly conceive as monstrous change along the years."