Lecture by Dr Adam Zaretsky Tuesday 29 March 2022 as part of the course "THE848 Hybrid Arts Practices"

29-03-2022 14:17

Today, Tuesday 29 March 2022, 4:00pm (classroom YK2), as part of the course "THE848 Hybrid Arts Practices", we will have the pleasure to host Dr. Adam Zaretsky with us on a guest lecture entitled “Bio Data Body Compost". The talk will be coordinated by the instructors of the course, Dr. Tania Tsiridou and Dr. Dalila Honorato.
Dr. AdamZaretsky is a bioartist and a Wet-Lab Art Practitioner: mixing ecology, biotechnology, non-human relations, body performance, gastronomy, etc. and staging lively, hands-on bioart production labs based on topics such as foreign species invasion, radical food science, bioinformatics,tissue culture, transgenic design issues, interactive ethology and physiology. Dr. Adam Zaretsky is a collaborating artist at the Interactive Arts Laboratory of the Ionian University and a researcher in the framework of the program“Hub of Art Laboratories”.