Node for Gaming Gamification

The Node Gaming Gamification (NoGG) develops its activities in the fields of interactive multimedia, game design, and the development of gaming experiences. Its broad range of implemented systems includes learning through gaming, applications in arts, culture, entertainment, and modern social media. The team consists of collaborators focusing on the design and development of multimedia systems covering the spectrum of realities (AR, XR, MR, VR, Holograms), interlacing content creation with game design, cinematic production, and the development of interactive content scenarios for contemporary social media platforms.

Scientific coordinator: Ioannis Deliyannis

Projects implemented by the team:

  1. BRENDA (Scientific Supervisor - Ioannis Deliyannis) and (a game in a large area and city using ludification and connecting culinary culture and local products with historical information).

  2. HOLOGRAMS (Scientific Supervisor - Ioannis Deliyannis) and (an application exploring the elements composing the UNESCO monument of the city of Corfu using a wide range of media).

  3. BYZART (Scientific Supervisor - Ioannis Deliyannis) and focusing on creating the thematic channel of Byzantine art on the Europeana platform.

  4. VR MUSEUM (Scientific Supervisors - Ioannis Deliyannis / Vasilis Komianos) Virtual Reality Exhibition with selected museum material from the Philatelic and Postal Museum.

  5. Hub of Art Laboratories - HAL (Scientific Supervisor - Ioannis Deliyannis) until the project's integration, and Michalis Panagopoulos today) and coordinators of the Gamification Hub

  6. METAVERSE space for the Film Office of the Prefecture of Ionian Islands (a project developed within the framework of the Gamification Hub - link).

The team also participates in various other research projects (with scientific supervisors outside the team) at the boundaries of multimedia (interactive projection mapping, computer games, 3D printing of characters, interaction programming in AI, and more).

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